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Since 2013

Office Cuisine delivered to your door, with an Italian Twist

Contento Catering was created by Juri Alberti, an Italian chef who came to Sydney from Milan. His passion for food began in Italy and Spain and has bought his wealth of experience to Australia.


We bring to your table the best of what Sydney has to offer. We choose the best produce available, ensuring freshness, maximum quality and innovative menu design for the most discerning palates.

Juri and the team creates menus to suit any meal, from breakfasts, teas, lunches, dinners to special conference days. 

Order online or Tailored to suit your group

We can provide sizes as per the menu, or feel free to contact us and we can tailor to suit your team members. Gluten Free, vegan, vegetarian or any dietary is available. 

Fresh Food that takes you back to Italy

Michael O'Malley RAMS

Thanks so much for the catering last night. Given the lack of working space and rudimentary facilities, Juri did a great job!

Cityscape of Florence

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