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What do Italian's Eat for Christmas Dinner?

Well it depends on the region. In the North, Milan, they enjoy antipasti, pasta, meat, vegetables and dessert. A few dishes that our Head Chef, Juri Alberti enjoys creating are:

  1. Insalata Russa - Potatoes, Peas, Celery and Carrots in a Mayonnaise

2. Pasta Al Forno - Baked Pasta with Beef Ragu and Cheese

3. Panettone served with Marscapone (Flavoured with a touch of Frangelico)

These dishes will be served in our Partner Restaurant Via della Spiga restaurant, North Sydney. So why not try them. If you enjoy them, we can share the recipe for you to create for Christmas. Or we can provide you with the dishes ready to go.

Buon Natale! Cristo è nato


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